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Kristin Guinnane

Welcome to Peer Advisory


This class incorporates activities, discussions, and projects designed to help students become functioning citizens in today’s society.  Areas of focus will include: support, empowerment, boundaries and expectations, constructive use of time, commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies, and positive identity.  This class will focus on building positive relationships on campus, between school and home, and in the larger community.

Class Rules & Procedures


  • Be on time to class
  • Have books, materials, and assignments ready each day
  • Listen attentively and follow directions
  • Food, gum/candy, and beverages other than water are not allowed in class
  • Always do your best

* Use the restroom before school or during break/lunch  

Classroom Discipline Plan

  • 1st: Verbal warning
  • 2nd: Verbal warning & teacher conference
  • 3rd: Parent notification & 30  minutes of after school detention
  • 4th: Teacher & parent conference with Assistant Principal


Grading Policy

  • 35% - Assignments (work done in class)
  • 30% - Test
  • 25% - Homework
  • 10% - Class Participation & Citizenship

*Late work will only be accepted within a week from the assignment's due date and will receive a loss of 50% or less of the assignment points.