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Language Arts

Language Arts


Building a solid foundation of language arts skills is essential for the journey students have ahead of them both in their future academic and workplace careers.  This year, the Quimby Oak language arts department is excited to be working with the new curriculum through McDougal Littell.  Weaving the California state standards throughout a comprehensive plan, students will work on skills in the following categories: 



--literary analysis






Speaking, Listening & Viewing



--visual comprehension


--word analysis

--concept development

--academic language

A variety of materials including short stories, novels, plays, poetry and nonfiction will provide the base for thoughtful discussion, analysis, writing and presentations.

We look forward to an exciting year with all of our students.

Thank you.

Important Dates

Back To School Night: 

Grades close 1st progress report: 


Grades close 1st report card: 

Parent Conferences

Grades close 2nd progress: 

Grades close 2nd report card: 

Grades close 3rd progress: 

7th Grade State Writing Test

8th Grade District Writing Test

Grades close 3rd report card: 

Grades close 4th progress: