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Electives Department

Electives Department


In order for students to use their hearts and minds to their fullest potential, Quimby Oak offers Art, Music, Leadership, and 21st Century Project Based Learning (PBL) to enrich their academic and personal learning.  Creativity and presentation are two incredibly valuable skills in the modern world.  In these classes, students are challenged to learn a variety of skills, learn more about themselves and their fellow students, and learn the rich histories of art, music, or technology.

We look forward to a wonderful and exciting year with all of our students.

Thank you.

Moselle Gill, Art Teacher

Colleen Boyle, PBL Teacher

Gary Ortega, Music Teacher

Loan Dinh, Leadership Teacher, AP

Art Slideshow

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Computer Technology

IMG_1767.jpg 1st period- 8th graders 2nd period- 8th graders 4th period- 8th graders 5th period- 8th graders
Ortega, Mr.
Band and Choir

Art Concepts

Elements of Art

Principles of Design

Two Dimensional Art

Three Dimensional Art

Important Dates